Our mission is to create teams of students and young professionals from various fields and give them ground to pursue impactful projects in the biotechnology field, especially those that aspire to solve ongoing challenges in today’s society.


Our values

In addition to a high level of science and innovation, we care about building a values-based community. We communicate openly what ethical and value principles we believe in and which we want to develop in Lifbee as well.


I am not afraid to leave my comfort zone and use my creativity to find solutions. I have confidence in myself that the apparent obstacles will not deter me from my goal. Courage is always the first step on the way to success.


Ethics is the intersection of the consciousness of suffering, the intention to remove it, and the knowledge of the path that leads to a solution. I take into account the aspect of ethics and morality in decision-making and actively learn to grow ethically. I can take responsibility for myself and my actions. I try to look at the world through the eyes of another. I protect and seek compassion for living beings who feel fear, pain and insecurity just like everyone else.

Constructive approach

Many things around us do not work perfectly. I have the ability to change things in my hands. I can actively engage and create solutions that bring change and solve a real problem. A good solution will get support from enthusiasts.


I am consistent in my thoughts and actions. I try to act in accordance with my values, although it can be uncomfortable for me.


A quality community creates a hub where skilled people have the opportunity to grow. Mutual, informal and selfless help can start revolutionary projects. I want to be a part of and actively contribute to the community of active innovators who want to change the world around them.

Lifbee Team