Find the courage to become a future pioneer in the Central European Biotech community! 

If you are interested in the process surrounding the development of a biotech project, then spending

8 months at Lifbee academy is the right way to go. We are looking for talented and motivated individuals with a background in science, IT, marketing, and design.

At Lifbee you will receive the educational quality in the fields of biotechnology, marketing, design, and project management. We connect theory with practice. After completing the semester's lectures, you will work on developing your product.

The program enables interdisciplinary collaboration between students and recent university graduates.

Program duration: 

June 2022- January 2023

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The admission process for the 2022 year will be open soon!

Spend 8 months with Lifbee
and find out how biotech projects are born

Our world is currently overwhelmed by the number of challenges it has to face. At Lifbee, we understand that it is biology that offers viable solutions to these issues. We function in cooperation with experienced lecturers and mentors, who will teach you. 

For the 2021 year, we will be admitting 30-40 people. The students will then be divided into

8-10 teams.

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We offer practical experience

and knowledge

We emphasize the importance of practical experience. That is why the program is divided into two phases. The first phase of your study will focus on acquiring theoretical knowledge which you will then apply in the second, project phase of the course. The program’s lectures will cover a wide range of topics.

We have prepared a mix of important topics in the field of
biotechnology, regulation, product development, marketing and teamwork, from which you will use the knowledge in creating a product.

We work on the principle of interactive cooperation.
The program runs online, you can connect from anywhere. We meet in person once a month, but if you can't arrive, you can connect online. Spend 2-3 evenings a week of self-development for your future.

Who Are We Looking For?

The program is catered for students, fresh graduates, and PhD candidates

Scientists and Medics

Students, recent graduates, and PhD students of biological science disciplines, chemistry,
pharmacy, medicine, physics, ecological and environmental sciences

Entrepreneurs and

Marketing wizards

Students and recent graduates of economics, marketing, and management

Product designers

Students and recent graduates of architecture, design, and materials science

Informaticians and Bioinformaticians

Students and recent graduates of electrotechnical engineering, computer science, and

Lecturers and Mentors

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Liliana Berezkinova

Co-founder Pipette and Chart,

Entrepreneur in the field of emerging technologies and technology transfer


Peter Dendis

Innovator and serial entrepreneur in the field of digital technologies


Martina Lutterová

Life sciences professional with more than 16 years of experience in drug development

Lifbee in Press


Enrolment procedure

The enrollment process consists of two interviewing rounds. The first step is to apply. Followed you can advance to the second round of having a personal interview.

We recommend enrolling as soon as possible since the program can accommodate only a limited number of students.

 Enrolling in Lifbee will take you only a couple of

minutes since the enrolment process is very simple.

Complete a short questioner. We will then contact you to schedule the time of our interview.


The program’s fees are € 89 per month

712 EUR for the whole program

The remaining 65% of the total costs for the program will be paid by our civic association.

You have a great opportunity to participate

        in a program with a marketed value

of more than 2000 €!

Can I afford to study at Lifbee?

Definitely, yes! :)  Thanks to the support of our civic association, partners and Lifbee supporters, scholarship will cost you only

35% of the total price of the educational program worth more

than € 2,000.


We consider investing in high quality education, knowledge and know-how as the most profitable.


The program will cover a wide range of topics

The lectures are here for you to gain new insights and broaden your already acquired knowledge of the selected topics.

The aim here is for each member of the multidisciplinary team to have sufficient
knowledge concerning the work of other professions. This will enable all team members to actively participate in the decision-making processes, during the project phase of the program.


Introduction to the course and global challenges


This will consist of a brief overview of what you can expect from the upcoming months. We will also talk about positive role models and their use of biotechnology in solving the current global challenges.


General overview of biotechnologies

The general overview will focus on explaining model organisms, methods, basics of synthetic biology, and utility properties of organisms.


Marketing and business model

The lectures aim to teach you, how to apply an analytical thought process with the use of the tools offered by the marketing mix model. You will also learn about the tools used during segmentation and market research,  these are important means when carrying out strategic decision making.


Specifics of the biotechnology industry

Successful entrepreneurs in their field will show you practical examples of the use of biotechnology in particular industries. They will also mention the frequent issues faced by biotech companies and start-ups. Last but not least, the lectures will explain the processes and regulations involved in clinical trials, and you will also get a deeper insight into bioentrepreneurship.


Product development tools

The lectures will cover the specifics related to the processes of product development. The priority will be to show you how to apply this knowledge in prototype and lean startup development. You will also learn how to start "from the bottom", how to create calculations and how to select relevant business model elements.


Soft skills development and teamwork

The lectures will teach you how to grow through feedback. You will outline your own personal development goals, learn how to communicate in a team, how to solve problems and assess your skills.


Teamwork and product development

The mentors will teach you how to brainstorm. We will divide you into teams, where you will work on a solution to a given topic. As a team, you will develop a business model and the market potential for your product.


Presentation skills, receiving feedback, and critical thinking

Each team will get the opportunity to present their final product, to a jury consisting of professionals in their industry. The teams will then receive feedback and further guidance on how to go about with their product. 

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We nurture future innovators 

We will give you the necessary foundations so that you will be able to incorporate your expertise in a biotech environment. You will learn about the important aspects present in an innovation process and biotechnologies.


We will teach you how to communicate and collaborate

in interdisciplinary teams.


You will be ending the course with the important know-how on how to ask the right questions and use your creativity

to solve various challenges.


What will team and project work look like?

After completing the theoretical part of the course, you will create teams.


Each team will work on developing a product design, business plan, and final product, which you will then test out in a virtual market environment.


Impactful topics

As newly created teams you will have several weeks to intensively work on the solution to the given research topic. Our mentors will guide you throughout the whole process.


You will then present your work to our partnering companies. You will receive constructive feedback on the feasibility of the idea from experts in their field. You will work on a given topic in one of two labs. The winning team from both labs will receive the BioInnovation Award by Dedoles.

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Enviro Lab

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Environment, animal rights, green energy

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New materials, biofabrication, bioutilization

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MedTech Lab

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Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics

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Healthy nutrition, diagnosis and prevention

BioInnovation Award by      Dedoles

Dedoles will reward the winning team from both Labs with the prestigious BioInnovation Award and financial support for the development of ideas for both winning teams in the amount of up to

10,000 € 

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The schedule is built to suit the time

needs of students and those employed

The program runs in the evening in the form of online lectures, workshops and teamwork.

We meet 2-3 a week in the evening after 18:00. Sometimes the week is enlivened by a joint weekend activity or teambuilding.

What can you gain from attending Lifbee academy?

Our world needs creative and competent people who are not afraid to face and work on finding innovative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century. Joining Lifbee will prove that you are one of them.

Practical experience important

for your future career

A great community

Working on topics that matter

Another successful project

to your portfolio

Courage and competence

A new network of contacts

Our partners

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Patron of the Enviro Lab

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Patron of the Medtech Lab

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Content Patners

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Networking Partners